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Greening the car park

Greening BSHS

State High has been planning this transformation for more than 3 years. We received a $230,000 grant to contribute to the funding of the $530,000 project  to make this a reality. Our State High Foundation is currently seeking donations to support the building of the sun shelters and seating. Our environmental sub-committee “Greenscape” is very excited about how they can help and if you look closely at the plans – we even have a Bush Tucker Garden!

It’s “goodbye carpark!”

Take your last look at this asphalt homage to the cars. In less than three months, it will be a GREEN oasis.

The carpark at A block has always been there and it use to extend all the way to F Block! Thankfully times are changing and with the development of the carparks at I block, PAC and Edmonstone St, we can give back much needed green space for our students to enjoy. 

As an inner city school, State High has always juggled the demands of a big population on a small site. When our students spill out of the classrooms and head to lunch, we are the population equivalent of a small town suddenly meeting on main street. When does that ever happen? Well daily at State High.

New green spaces act as release valves for our congestion. A place to breath, a place to find quiet, a place that humanizes the scale of frenetic spaces. These spaces help our total well being and we know our students need them too.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots

It’s always messy when the work first starts

There will be no cars parked here any more

And “hello park!”

This year, we are going to see a tree-change and we don’t have to leave West End. Click these links to view plans from an eastern and a western perspective. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll update you with progress on site so that you can watch the transformation unfold. 

And if you consider yourself a green thumb, we’ll let you know if there is any opportunity to lend a hand. Or you can let us know at