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About BSHS P&C

The Brisbane State High School P&C exists to engage parents and citizens in ways that build and sustain purposeful relationships with the school in order to foster improving educational and developmental outcomes of students.

We do this in various ways: through extra-curricular focused sub-committees, contributing P&C members to the School Council, engaging in activities that facilitate the school’s development and contribute to its improvement, as well as hosting regular meetings attended by the school Executive Principal and members of staff. These meetings are open to all members.

Our P&C supports all stakeholders by providing:

  • close cooperation between parents, community, staff and students
  • feedback on school policies and activities
  • resources to enhance student learning and improve the school environment by raising and allocating funds, enabling extra-curricular activities, and operating facilities such as the Canteen and Uniform Shop
  • opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education and the broader school community.

We strive to be a vibrant P&C Association with members who actively contribute to creating a strong sense of community and generating positive outcomes for the school. Every parent and interested member of the community is welcome to join as participating in the P&C contributes both to the wider school community and to the education of your child. Research shows that parents who are engaged in their child’s education make a  significant contribution to their child’s success at school.

Member Volunteers

The P&C is a volunteer membership based organisation, open to all parents and guardians with children currently enrolled at the school, as well as to citizens who have an interest in the educational outcomes of students. Becoming a member is easy and free. Simply complete the electronic membership form prior to the AGM, or this form and either bring it to a General Meeting, held each month of the school calendar, drop it into our P&C Office (located next to the I Block Canteen) or email it to Only members can vote on motions.


Our P&C exists to facilitate the betterment of all students by fostering meaningful collaboration between parents, interested citizens and the school. This focus is expressed in our Purpose statement:

Supporting our students to reach their full potential through actively engaging parents, school and community

School Council - Parent Members

One way the P&C works towards achieving its Purpose is through the School Council.

​Brisbane State High School is an Independent Public School administrated by a School Council. The Council includes parent, student and teacher representatives. The P&C Association President and three parent representatives are members of the School Council.

The School Council monitors the school’s strategic direction, which includes:

  • approving plans and policies of the school of a strategic nature and other documents
  • affecting strategic matters, including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school
  • monitoring the implementation of plans, policies and other documents
  • advising the school’s Executive Principal about strategic matters.

The Council performs its functions in a way that achieves the best learning outcomes for the school’s students. More information about the School Council can be found here.

P&C Meetings

The P&C meets at 7:00pm on the fourth Monday of each month (except during school holidays/public holidays) in the PAC Foyer, on the Merivale Street Campus. Parking is available via Gate M4 on Merivale Street (refer to map). All members of the school community are welcome to attend, however, please be aware that only members are permitted to vote. Meeting dates for 2022 are set out below.

P&C General Meeting28th February 2022
P&C AGM and General Meeting28th March 2022AGM at 6pm, followed immediately by General Meeting
P&C General Meeting23rd May 2022
P&C General Meeting25th July 2022
P&C General Meeting22nd August 2022
P&C General Meeting24th October 2022
P&C General Meeting28th November 2022


P&C Structure

All Queensland P&C Associations are legitimate entities with their existence and structure revolving around a common sense of purpose and goals shared, not just with P&C members, but also Education Queensland, the school, and, importantly, its students.

Legal Structure

P&C Associations are established under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 and Education (General Provisions) Regulation 2017. Queensland P&Cs are a statutory body under the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982. They are not incorporated entities under the Associations Incorporations Act 1981.

Education Queensland sets out a range of procedures and guidelines that are applicable to the governance and operation of a P&C. The BSHS P&C aligns its structure, and all of its processes to the Act, Regulations and guidelines established. Interested P&C members can find information relating to the regulatory framework at Education Queensland here, and at P&Cs Queensland here.

P&C Constitution

The P&C’s approved Constitution can be downloaded by following this link.

P&C Executive Committee

At the yearly Annual General Meeting members propose and vote on the composition of the P&C Executive Committee. The role of the committee is to serve its members and govern all aspects of P&C operations. Executive decision-making authority is established by the P&C’s Constitution and regulatory framework noted above. These require all decisions to be approved by members through motions voted on at General or Annual General Meetings. When a member is elected to the Executive Committee, they fill a role that stipulates the bounds afforded to that role by members.

Our 2022 Executive Committee members are:

PresidentMs Melissa
VP GeneralMs Leila
Assistant TreasurerTuan
SecretaryMs Melissa
Assistant SecretaryMs Nicole
VP OperationsMs Gina
VP People and CommunityStephanie
Assistant VP People and CommunityNazia
Assistant VP
Assistant VP GrowthVacant
Membership SecretaryMs Nicole
QLD P&C Association
Photo TBD Front row, from left: 
Back row from left: 


A major role of the P&C is to manage volunteer support for the school. One of the most impactful groups of volunteers are organised as sub-committees associated with sporting and cultural extra-curricular activities. These consist of volunteer parents and teachers who are involved in the organisation of and fundraising for those activities.

All parents are encouraged to attend sub-committee meetings relevant to the activities in which their child participates. Not only do parents get to meet the teachers and parents involved, they can also find out what is happening first-hand.

Currently, the following sub-committees are active:

P&C Operations

There are insufficient volunteers to deliver all of the essential services provided by the P&C. This requires the P&C to supplement its team with 20 paid full-time, part-time and casual employees across 5 service areas. These essential service delivery areas include canteens, a physical and online uniform shop and administration.

P&C Life Membership

Life Membership is awarded to a P&C member in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to the Brisbane State High School P&C Association and Brisbane State High School. Through this award, the P&C is able to publicly express appreciation, encourage long term participation within the P&C and acknowledge and define exemplary standards of service. If you would like to nominate a P&C member for this award, complete the nomination form and submit it to the P&C Office at least 4 weeks before the AGM.