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Canteens Overview

One thing parents always say about their children is that they never miss an opportunity to eat and it’s easy to see why when you look at the food on offer at the three BSHS canteens. Not only is there plenty of choice, including dishes from Pizza Hut, Sushi, and Bengal Kitchen, many dishes are freshly prepared onsite each day with an emphasis on health and nutrition.

Our canteens are hugely popular, with students served promptly so as they can make the most of precious break time! These beautiful canteens have been operational since 2016 when E Block was upgraded and I Block was opened. Prior to that, our 3000 students were served from the existing small PAC canteen and an E Block canteen that was half its current size.    

E Block canteen

Our Menu

Everybody loves variety when it comes to meals. So, we have a multicultural ‘specials’ menu roster that keeps everyone happy, well-fed and ready to study. Our roster currently looks like this:








Italian pasta and Pizza Hut pizza

Mexican & Asian


Special Requests

We understand that some people have particular food allergies or preferences. At our canteen, we strive to cater for all and to be inclusive. We want all students and staff to feel like the canteen is there for them. The canteen is more than happy to cater for special dietary needs at no extra cost, if the order is placed over the counter by 9am each day. Dietary needs we cater for include:

  • Gluten free pasta or bread
  • Vegan
  • Halal
  • Non-dairy

We can also accommodate special dietary requests. Examples include no cheese on nachos, no tomatoes or onions on burgers, and the like.

For school staff or for any event held at the school throughout the day or night, the Canteen can provide catering services. Links to the menus are below, and you can call (07) 3291 4167 or email Rafia to discuss your specific requirements.

Food Allergy Notice

Food prepared and served at our school canteens and at various events may contain allergens such as milk, eggs, wheat (gluten), soy, traces of nuts/tree nuts, fish, mustard, etc. We understand that such food may not be suitable for people with certain allergies.  Staff at our canteens prepare special dietary food for students on a daily basis, however, in order to cater as best as we can for everyone please either ask your children to check at the canteen counter for any special foods available, or contact our Canteen Manager via email – – for further details. We also welcome suggestions for our special dietary menu.

Canteen Hours

7.30 am to 2.00 pm (Monday to Friday).


The P&C Association at Brisbane State High School operates three canteens, which provide a wide variety of healthy food at very reasonable prices. They are:

  • Vulture Street Canteen: at the bottom of E Block
  • Merivale Street Canteen: at the bottom of I Block
  • Performing Arts Centre (PAC)

I Block canteen forecourt


Purchases at the canteen can be paid for with EFTPOS or using a Student ID Card which must be linked with a My Student Account (MSA). And of course, new students are able to pay by cash until they receive their student ID cards.

The My Student Account page has a link with instructions for setting up your child’s Student ID Card with a MSA and pre-loading funds. Cash is not used at any of our canteens.

Support our school

Please support our school by encouraging your son or daughter to buy their lunch at our canteens. The current business through the canteens allows the P&C to keep prices low and operate with a surplus each year. If each student purchased lunch one day a week at the canteen, we estimate that the canteen surplus would double.

Volunteering at State High canteens

Performing Arts Canteen (PAC)

The canteens are always eager to recruit volunteers! Volunteering at one of our canteens is one of the best ways parents can contribute to revenue raising for the school; please consider this option even if only a few hours a week or month. It is also a way to meet other parents, make friends and learn more about your child’s education. Please email our Canteen Manager if you are interested in volunteering at the canteen, for as little or as much time as you can, on

There is more to our canteens than meets the eye

Are you curious about how our canteens manage to feed such a large cohort of students and staff, catering for their diverse taste buds? We recently dropped in on the staff to find out more about what goes into making this important business a success for students, staff and the P&C. Click here to read the article.

Fursden Road Canteen