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Welcome to Brisbane State High’s P&C!

To our new and existing families, welcome to our school community! The Brisbane State High School P&C, run by volunteers, engages parents and citizens and fosters purposeful relationships with the school in order to improve education and developmental outcomes for students.

We hope that you will find information on this website useful to support you and your child/children’s journey through secondary school and to maximise your family’s experience. Please call us on 07 3291 4173 or email if we can assist you in any way!


Supporting our students to reach their full potential through actively engaging our parents, school and community

Become a member today!

The P&C is a volunteer, membership-based organisation that is open not only to parents and guardians of children currently enrolled at the school, but all citizens who have an interest in supporting students of State High. 

Becoming a member is easy! Complete our P&C Membership Form and drop it into our P&C Office (located next to the I Block Canteen); bring it along to a P&C meeting; or email it to Becoming a member is how you can have a say on P&C activities and priorities, with only members able to vote on motions. 

How can YOU help students through your P&C?

Contributing to the P&C is a great way to connect with other families, meet new people and play an active role in the school community. State High is a wonderfully diverse community and there is no one way to volunteer or contribute to the P&C. Whether it’s through giving some of your time, donating towards fundraisers and appeals, or contributing your skills to P&C operations, projects or events, it is all enormously appreciated.

We‘d like to invite you to come and be a part of our dynamic and inspiring association: connect with like-minded people; learn some new skills or contribute your expertise; and get a strong sense of satisfaction from seeing the fruits of your participation make a difference to students. 


Our volunteer army of State High Crew make the world of difference to the school community and we simply could not operate without them. Some examples of volunteer opportunities throughout the year include:

  • Covering short shifts at the canteen or uniform shop during term time, to minimise the need for paid staff so that we can maximise the funds we invest back into the school;
  • Getting involved in planning or delivering P&C engagement and fundraising events, such as State High Day
  • Supporting hundreds of new families that join State High each year by helping with uniform fitting appointments in late Term 4 and before Term 1
  • Providing expert skills such as finance, graphic design, grant writing as needed throughout the year
  • Becoming a member of one our extra-curricular subcommittees, that support the school’s MIC with activity-specific fundraising, executing game days, and more
  • Joining our executive that serves and governs the P&C
  • and many more!

Interested? Fill out the Volunteer Registration Form to express your interest, or sign up right now for an available shift!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp


Would you like to support the P&C’s fundraising goals or contribute to one of our extra-curricular subcommittees?

P&C support to school in 2024 

This P&C Association provided more than $300,000 of financial support to the school last year to cover the costs of:

  • personal injury insurance for all students, providing financial coverage for students injured at school or representing the school in an official capacity – a support not covered by Education Queensland 
  • the Executive Principal discretionary fund, which assists families experiencing hardship to cover school costs
  • total annual operating budget for the school library, which supports maintaining and expanding school library resources such as online journals and databases
  • annual World Teachers Day celebrations, Staff Excellence Award, Student Award and School Dux gift 
  • contributing to the cost of the school mini-bus, school vehicle and transportation expenses for school excursions and sport commitments, keeping the cost of bus hire for excursions to a reasonable level for families
  • maintenance of the school’s Sporting Complex on Fursden Road, home to GPS and QGSSSA sporting matches and local community sports every week
  • contribution to sports medicine
  • coaches apparel and end-of-season gift for coaches.

Make your donation here to help the P&C reach their target for 2024!

Tax Deductible Donations to Subcommittees and Special Projects

You can also make a tax-deductible donation to a variety of State High projects listed on the Australian Sports Foundation website:

P&C Meetings

The P&C meets at 6:00pm on the fourth Monday of each month (except during school holidays/public holidays) in I Block on the Merivale Street Campus. Head to M2 on the school map. Both in-person and online options are available and all members of the school community are welcome to attend!  Members only are permitted to vote. 

Meeting dates for 2024 are:
  • Monday 26 February 
  • Monday 25 March (Annual General Meeting)
  • Monday 22 April 
  • Monday 27 May
  • Monday 22 July
  • Monday 26 August 
  • Monday 28 October
  • Monday 25 November

Our Committees

The P&C includes eight extra-curricular Subcommittees that support students to participate, develop and excel in the following activities: Rowing, Rugby, Football, Netball, Instrumental Music, Dance, Athletics & Cross Country, and Cricket. Find out more and get in touch with our Subcommittees if you’d like to get involved!

Our Events Committee helps to bring our engagement and fundraising events to life, including our annual State High Day. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to be involved! Get in touch at 

Our Team

Our dedicated volunteer Executive Committee employ a range of staff to assist providing services to the school community.

At the yearly Annual General Meeting members propose and vote on the composition of the P&C Executive Committee. The role of the committee is to serve its members and govern all aspects of P&C operations. Executive decision-making authority is established by the P&C’s Constitution and regulatory framework. This governance require all decisions to be approved by members through motions voted on at General or Annual General Meetings. When a member is elected to the Executive Committee, they fill a role that stipulates the bounds afforded to that role by members.

At our Annual General Meeting in March 2024, we elected our current Executive Committee – one of our largest teams yet!

Visit us!

The P&C has a dedicated office space on the lower campus next to the I Block canteen. Please pop into our office and say hello anytime!