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Uniform Shop

The P&C operates the school’s Uniform Shop, supplying the compulsory school and extra-curricular uniforms, along with other BSHS branded items. These include:

  • School and senior polo shirts
  • Coloured house shirts
  • Unisex shorts
  • Hats
  • Gender neutral uniform
  • A range of school and sports bags
  • Winter jacket
  • Winter long pants
  • Football socks
  • Swimming caps and goggles
  • Umbrellas and parent supporter garments
  • Memorabilia

The uniform shop does NOT carry black school shoes or sporting footwear. As these are not branded items, parents are advised to purchase these items from any good footwear retailer.

As the Uniform Shop is operated by the P&C Association as a service to the school community, all profits are returned to the school community. Further details are provided in the Uniform Purchasing Policy, accessible by clicking this link.

Opening Hours

During the school year, the Uniform Shop is open only during the school term. It does not open on school or public holidays, and does not operate on student free days. Opening hours are as follows:

Opening Hours 

Monday          8.00am – 12.30pm

Tuesday         8.00am – 12.30pm

Wednesday   closed

Thursday       8.00am – 12.30pm

Friday             8.00am – 12.30pm


The Uniform Shop accepts cash, Mastercard, VISA, cash and Student ID Card linked with a MSA (My Student Account) account.

Online Shop

In addition to the physical Shop at I Block, the P&C provides an online store, where all items, including uniforms, supporter gear and memorabilia can be purchased. Click this link to access the online Uniform Shop.

Price Lists

The price lists are available to download by clicking the links below.

Thank you to our Volunteers

We were very fortunate this year to have a number of parents who volunteered their summer holiday time during the week of January 18, to help new and old students look their best for 2021. We hope you found the experience both enjoyable and rewarding. We certainly appreciated the time that you gave to the Uniform Shop and we believe many parents also appreciated your knowledge and experience about the school that you imparted.


The Uniform Shop is located on the Merivale Street Campus on the Ground Level of I Block. Entry is via the school door on the corner of Cordelia and Glenelg Streets and is accessed via door buzzer at this entrance. The buzzer is manned during Uniform Shop opening hours. Once inside the school grounds, the Uniform Shop is located to the right.

The Uniform Shop is also accessible via M7 Gate on Cordelia Street and is located to the left of the M7 Gate entrance. A school map can be found here.