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My Student Account

Cashless Canteen

The P&C’s canteens are cashless which makes for the provision of a faster, more convenient service. It provides many benefits to parents too, enabling them to help students manage their spending and remove the risk of lost cash.

This secure facility links students ID card with mystudentaccount, the P&C selected service provider. Parents and guardians add credit to the card through an online portal. When the student ID card is swiped, a picture of the student is revealed to cashiers, ensuring no other student uses the card.It also alerts staff to any allergies registered through the facility.

It is super convenient for parents, as no longer do they have to ‘dig around’ in the morning for loose change! Parents can also monitor their child’s eating, via reports that may be sent to parents on request regarding what their child has purchased.

In addition, the mystudentaccount card is extremely easy for students, parents and canteen staff to use!

There are lots of resources to help setup and manage your child’s mystudentaccount. The video below provides a great introduction. We have prepared a downloadable guide to assist with setting up and using mystudentaccount which can be found here. Or click on the logo below to be taken to the mystudentaccount website. Finally, a number of the Frequently Asked Questions have been captured and answered below.

What do I do when a card is lost?

The school will issue a new replacement Student ID card and the old card will be made inactive.

How do I resolve balance issues?

You can contact the mystudentaccount helpdesk on 1300 369 783, email them on or access their support page by clicking this link.

How do I top up a card?

To top up a card you simply login, click on the $ sign under Actions to the right of your child’s name, and complete the form. If this is the first time topping up your card you need to register here. If you have already set up a profile you can login here.

I don’t see my question here, what can I do?

The mystudentaccount team maintain a FAQ at this location which may address your specific question.