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Extra-Curricular Subcommittees - Get involved!

Brisbane State High School has a proud history where the Extra-Curricular (E-C) Program forms an integral component of the State High experience. Tradition is valued in order to acknowledge the past, maintain a consistent identity and encourage economy. 

Annual and seasonal subcommittees governed by the P&C charter, work towards maximizing the experience for their students and families coordinating activities, camps, purchase equipment and fundraise in close consultation with the schools’ Master-in-Charge (MIC) of the area. So much is gained from being part of these committees with the potential for personal, family and business networking opportunities. 

We encourage one and all to get involved and receive the ultimate reward – a big hug and thank you from your child/ren who see you role modelling the spirit of altruism of time, energy and good will to make a difference to the State High and the Blue-Red-Blue no matter what code. Reach out to your E-C subcommittee by email today!