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Parent Member Elections to School Council, 2022-2024

Nominations are invited from any parent of a current Brisbane State High School Student for one of two vacancies on the School Council for the term 2022 – 2024.

Two (2) Parent Reps will be elected via a voting process (if more than one nomination is received per position) prior to 8pm at the P & C General Meeting on 25th Oct (7-8pm).  Any parent of a current student is eligible to be nominated.  Voting processes will be advised before the P & C General Meeting at the PAC Foyer on 25th Oct.

Nominations require endorsement of 2 current P & C Association members as per P & C Constitution, sect 6.4, and comply with Schedule 3 – School Council Constitution – Staff and Parent Election Procedures

a)         any two members of the Association (the Nominating Members) may nominate any parent of a child at the school (the Candidate) to be an elected parent member of the council.  Except the current P & C President.

c)         the nomination may be made:

            i)   in person, by giving a completed nomination form to the Secretary at a P& C meeting prior to the

                 closing date for nominations; or

            ii) by emailing or posting a completed nomination form to the Returning Officer via details below before the

                 closing date for nominations.

Please complete the nomination form, and a personal statement (see below), and send them to the P&C Office by one of the following methods, by Friday, 8th October 2021:


  • email to
  • delivering to the school front desk during school hours – marked Att: Returning Officer, P&C Association
  • mail to Returning Officer, c/- BSHS P & C Association, PO Box 5243 WEST END 4101

Personal Statement

Nominee’s personal statement should address the following questions:

  • What is your interest in becoming a member of the School Council?
  • What do you expect to be able to contribute?
  • What is your commitment to improving Brisbane State High School?

Appointed members

The elected Parent Members will be expected to attend induction with Wade Haynes at 5:30pm on Tuesday 9 November and then to attend the final 2021 School Council meeting from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Tuesday 9 November where they will attend as an Observer.  Their role as a Parent Member will officially commence at the first School Council meeting of 2022.

2022 School Council Meeting Dates

School Council Meetings 2022
Term 1Week 5, Term 1     Tuesday 22 February
Term 2Week 5, Term 2     Tuesday 17 May
Term 3Week 5, Term 3     Tuesday 9 August
Term 4Week 5, Term 4     Tuesday 1 November