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The Parent Skills Register is a “treasure trove of capability” which can potentially be called on by the school or the P&C for assistance. If you would like to lend some of your “real world” capability, please get in touch. We would simply like to know what skills you have, and/or what products and services you or your business may have access to, that you think might be helpful. Below are some ideas, please help us expand this list by adding yours. Please fill out our online volunteer form – thank you!

Vocational skills:

  • Accounting
  • Grant writing or lobbying
  • Graphic or User Interface Design
  • Social Media
  • Drone piloting
  • Fundraising and event management
  • Story writing and content creation
  • Photography
  • Sound or lighting
  • Trades
  • Video editing and production
  • WordPress/IT/Sysadmin
  • Marketing, PR or Engagement
  • Events Management
  • Operations management
  • Legal

Do you own a store or a business that might be able to offer goods/services free or at cost for raffles and auctions?

Tell us about your personal history and knowledge:

Perhaps you could speak during class/assembly or be guest-speaker at a particular event.

  • Growing up overseas
  • Being in the armed forces or emergency services
  • Working in an unusual occupation
  • Personal adventure or hardship
  • Other languages

Do you know someone interesting or important who could be a guest speaker at an event?

Please contact us at the P&C office – we look forward to hearing from you!