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Greenscape Sub-committee

About the Greenscape sub-committee

Greenscape is a student-led sub-committee started in late 2018 with the goal of promoting environmental consciousness in the BSHS community. Our slogan, “Make State High Green Again”, captures our vision: a more sustainable, eco-friendly State High.

Inspired by the ABC program War on Waste, Greenscape introduced the Containers 4 Change program. Over the past year, lower campus has been transformed into a “Recycling Zone”, with a 3 bin system designed to
reduce State High’s contributions to landfill.

With the help of a small cohort of dedicated staff (Ms Haffner, Ms Flottman, Mrs Magub and Mrs Collins) and the support of the P&C, the students are gaining momentum. We have learnt that the process of building school sustainability spirit from the ground up will be a difficult one, requiring a long term approach to education and awareness. Looking to the future, our plans for Greenscape are to run awareness campaigns to encourage a paradigm shift in every State High Student.

Our vision is for BSHS to be known as a ‘green school’ – recognised not only for its academic, cultural and sporting excellence, but for innovation, sustainability, and global citizenship. With the coorporation of staff, students and the P&C, we hope to make State High’s ecological imprint a positive one for years to come.

Meet the subcommittee

From left to right: Ms Flottman; Holly Skordou(Y10); Bria Skordou (Y12); Jai Adams(Y12)

Our other hardworking student members: Cindy Lian(Y10); Hayley Corry(Y10), Maddy Orr(Y12)

Getting involved

Students can get involved by attending fortnightly meetings (held Tuesday lunchtimes in the Innovation Space – dates announced on assembly and in student notices), or by volunteering to clear bins (currently scheduled fortnightly on Friday afternoons). For more information, students can contact our communications leader Maddy ( or join the Greenscape student Showbie group (code: 4M8LZ). 

Upcoming Events





Ms Deanne Haffner

Ms Melissa Buirchell


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