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P&C Mazda 3 Car Raffle 2021

The BSHS P&C is on a roll again with this year’s signature fundraiser. This magnificent Mazda 3 G20 can be yours by simply scanning and buying your ticket. It couldn’t be simpler… just share with friends, families, colleagues and go into the draw for some new wheels, a brand new Apple iPad or an awesome Apple Watch! Drawn on 1 November 2021… be sure to get your tickets and know that you are supporting the Green Transport Hub for bike sheds upgrades, storage racks and secure enclosures initiative. GOOD LUCK.

The Case for Fundraising and Support

Brisbane State High School has a number of groups that contribute their time and energy towards fundraising. This effort is necessary because, in spite of being a public school and being funded by the government, actual funding falls short of the expenditure required to achieve the school’s outstanding outcomes for all students.

Understanding that for many parents, learning of a funding shortfall may come as a surprise, the State High Foundation has prepared a short document that outlines why providing support and financial assistance through fundraising is so important to the school achieving its vision. You can read their case for support here.

BSHS P&C Fundraising

The P&C is a very active fundraiser with parents, carers and community members contributing to fundraising endeavours in a number of ways. These include:

  • Appeals
  • Sub-committees
  • Functions and Events
  • Operating facilities at a profit
  • Tax deductible donations to the Australian Sports Foundation

An Executive Committee governs P&C fundraising, operations and administration and ensures compliance with regulatory frameworks established by the Queensland and Australian Governments. You can read more about BSHS governance here.

The P&C’s financial situation is reported each month at General Meetings. All members are entitled to a copy of the Treasurer’s Report, to ask questions and to seek further information about fundraising, business operations and funds distribution.

Voluntary Contributions

The P&C promotes a Voluntary Contribution Appeal to raise a proportion of the funds we give to the school, which benefits all students. Parents are asked to consider making a contribution each year to this worthwhile appeal.

Fundraising Functions and Events

Sub-committees, associated with a range of extra-curricular activities, volunteer their time and effort and raise funds throughout their activities seasons. You can read more about the amazing work of sub-committees here. In addition, the P&C runs a number of major events throughout the course of the year, each with a unique focus and goal.

State High Day

State High Day is a mid-year event, open to the public, that showcases the school’s facilities, cultural diversity and sporting prowess. The day features a school tour for prospective parents, many of the home games for all the major Term 3 sports, interspersed with music, dance troupes, and events for the entire family.

Rooftop Revel

The Rooftop Revel is a fundraising event targeting a different project each year. Parents, citizens, their families and guests are invited to enjoy a special night of fun and entertainment, featuring a range of events, sporting stars and celebrities.

Funds raised in 2019 will go towards the design and engineering work that will steer the establishment of permanent multi-purpose tennis and netball courts, a major milestone in the school Master Plan.


CREATE is an annual event held in June that showcases the breadth and depth of student art and creativity. An impressive evening of music, pottery, dance, theatre, visual art, sculpture, film and innovation brings parents and families together in a student-centred showcase of inspiration and talent.

The P&C supports this event by managing and delivering food and beverage options that ensures taste and health are balanced.

What has the P&C achieved to date?

Monies raised by the P&C are used to improve facilities and equipment within our school. Below are highlights of some of the contributions the P&C has made towards students and the school.

  • Insurance cover arranged for all students. This cover offers students the protection of personal accident insurance while at school or undertaking school authorised activities, including during sporting activities and school excursions. More information is available here.
  • 100% of the total library/resource centre operating budget (includes database subscription costs, internet accessibility for e-book loans and books).
  • Contribution to the cost of two vehicles: the school mini-bus and a utility both used for academic-related school excursions and sports commitments. This contribution reduces the cost of excursions to a minimal level.
  • Full funding for students and teachers’ excellence awards that recognises teachers’ outstanding efforts in providing for our students.
  • $148,200  to cover sporting expenses including sports medicine, venue hire, Fursden Road grounds and facilities maintenance and equipment.
  • 100% of the funding for the Executive Principal discretionary funding to assist disadvantaged families with school related costs, and much more.